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The 2nd Global Conference on Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science (GPPS 2023) will be held during March 16-17, 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand. GPPS 2023 is to bring together innovative academics and industrial experts in the field of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science to a common global platform.

The primary goal of the event is to promote and endorse research and developmental activities in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science. Another objective is to encourage scientific information swap between researchers, pharmacists, students, and practitioners working in Middle-East and abroad. The conference will be held biannual to make it an ideal platform for pharma professionals to share views, skills and experiences in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science and related areas.

There is a need to improve, educate and upgrade the knowledge and skills of pharma professionals working in rapidly transforming pharmaceutical industry. At this prestigious event, the participants can expect engaging sessions on trending topics along with featured teaching courses, poster sessions and industry symposiums. The global-renowned speakers from the US, UK, Australia, Europe, Canada, Africa, Japan and the Middle East, will share their valuable insights on the advancements in pharmaceutical sciences. Leading pharmaceutical companies are expected to exhibit their latest pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, cutting-edge technologies and top-quality machinery.

The pharmacy profession is undergoing substantial transformation towards specialization and specifically up-gradation of quality services. To keep in pace with the rest of the world it is most important for pharmacy to re-engineer, reinvent and realign the methodology in order to be an essential part of the healthcare community. Therefore, it is of vital importance that the emphasis should be on upgrading and enhancing skills and professionalism, facilitating staff advancement, pursuing comprehensive global collaboration.

The conference will have the intensive 2–day program with a wide range of topics covering pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical science, drug recalls and shortages, quality and safety of medicines, medication management, governance, best practices, continuing professional development and learning. GPPS 2022 scientific program includes Pharmacy and Managerial skills Workshops, scientific session, proficient faculty and student poster presentations, student poster and short oral presentation competitions. The state-of-the-art technical information from the pharmaceutical companies will be emphasized in the Pharmaceutical Technologies Show which congregates international pharmaceutical companies from across the globe.

Join us at GPPS 2023 in Bangkok and secure your share of the ever-growing Global Pharma Market!

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